Alpaca in Val di Fiemme

From the Andes they reach everyone's heart, alpacas are curious animals that will make your green holidays in our hotel unique.

Thick soft wool and a sweet smile are some of the unique characteristics of alpacas.

In recent years these animals and their infinite sweetness have been protagonists of the web. But, if you have not yet had the opportunity to meet them in person... we are waiting for you!
You will be thrilled!

They are characterized by a docile and loving nature, which makes them ideal, albeit unusual, pets.

These animals are becoming known for their great usefulness in "pet therapy". They are just soft toys with paws, able to spread positivity.

These animals can cheer up in other ways too... they make walks with younger children special!

The alpaca has a truly docile nature, but as you look for him, he looks for you: do not leave him alone, he can suffer from loneliness.

Now that we have put a lot of curiosity into these bizarre quadrupeds, you just have to come and meet them!
This way you too will understand, live, why they stand out and top the ranking of the most extravagant pets.

Our alpacas are called Angel, Skylar, Gala, Kayla and Mora.

Location of the Chalet Resort Restaurant La Baita delle Fate and map

A brand new resort with restaurant, located in Valfloriana (TN).

The Chalet Resort Restaurant La Baita delle Fate is a small jewel immersed in the magic of the Trentino woods. A warm and elegant atmosphere, Simona and Massimo will welcome you personally, dedicating yourself with attention and kindness to your total relaxation.